Fingertip Friday- shellac first try

Hello everyone! It’s been forever, I know, but I’ve been busy! Among several other things, I’ve since acquired a home shellac set. I got a few colors along with it, and tried to start out with a simple French! It’s a little messy, and definitely a work in progress, but I’ll get better over time.

And as evident in the pictures, my poor pinky nail is finally growing back!

I tried to do some small decorations with a pale pink that I have (the only color so far!) but it didn’t have nearly enough contrast to actually look good. Oh well- excuse enough to go out and buy some more!


Fingertip Friday: Christmas sweater

Holidays are practically here! I’m getting festive with some of the nail appliquΓ© designs from Sephora!



My pinky nail is the saddest thing ever!! I thought I could mimic the silver base of the stick on design by putting my only silver (Smolder by Revlon) over white, but it mostly turned out a patchy mess. Oh well, you get what you pay for sometimes! Anyway- keep your fingers festive and bright! Even if they are hiding in gloves most of the time.

Fingertip Friday: preemptive holiday nails!

Halloween is over so that means the holidays are coming! I did a test run of some festive designs.


The gold color is the new Marc Jacobs lacquer that I got along with the lip gloss – it’s absolutely gorgeous!


At Sally I found little nail stickers with a winter theme! GIfts and snowmen and so much more!


The glitter over the red is absolutely stunning – it’s from the new Sephora X line, this color is Voltage

While I really don’t like how short my nails are now (having to start over after acrylics!) hopefully they’ll grow out before too long! What nails do you prefer for the holiday – simple sparkle, or festive designs?

Fingertip Friday: sunburst

I have been busy crafting so I’ve been neglecting my blog- whoops! Sorry everyone 😦
Here’s my latest mani though..!

I loved the design of this but I’m absolutely disappointed in my yellow Sephora polish… Time to shop I guess!

I need new topcoat too! Likely a new haul post to come πŸ˜‰
Give me any suggestions for lacquers I should pick up, too!

FingertipFriday: Bronze and Brown

Painted my nails out of schedule so this is something of a bonus post, also to make up for the week where I didn’t post much of anything! Didn’t take many pictures of this since I only had it on for a few days, but I like it alright! The darker brown is one of the Revlon Mooncandy colors and the bronze is Sprung by OPI.




Picture taken on my walk into work! Glad I managed to get at least one good photo


I really enjoy how lighter colors at the base of the nail elongate the fingers- the vertically placed rhinestones really helped the effect as well. Perhaps I’ll use this color duo more when Autumn comes!