Otome Time – Amnesia : Memories, Ikki 3 : rivals

Last we left our sweet heroine, she learned about some vacation that she was going on with Ikki, who we found out has the MAGIC ABILITY to seduce women with his eyes. Sounds about right! This one is a bit longer but we get to meet some lovely supporting characters so HERE WE GO

When I get to work the next day, turns out there’s yet ANOTHER coworker, a pretty cute girlie, that is back in from some time off. I’m here hoping that Mine and I are gonna be buddies but OF COURSEbitch be trippin.PNG

Fuckin bitches, mani aint no skank.PNG

She, like every other girl, is in love with Ikki and mad that I’m his gf. Which is weird though because I don’t even like him. Whatever, DEAL WITH IT, LADY. She goes on some rant about how she’s gonna pressure Ikki into sleeping with her even though he’s dating me and oooh SNAP BITCH IS TRIPPINwhat is even going on.PNG

Ikki meets up with me and YOU BETTER BELIEVE I’LL HOLD YOUR HAND HUNNIoh stop it you.PNG

please ikki stahp you know just what to saywait what.PNG

wait no actually stop what the fuck are water handsbiiiiiiiiitch.PNG

MINE THAT BITCH ps ikki stop wearing a large spade in your hair it is not a good look it will never be a good looktake that suckah.PNG

whew okay well that’s good at least. Wonder if the game will let me reward him with sweet sweet intimacybitches gonna bitch.PNG

poor misunderstood Ikki! He just wants to not have everyone fall in love with him! So if he’s dating me because I didn’t fall in love with him immediately then what will happen when I do fall in love with him QUITE A CONUNDRUM WE FIND OURSELVES IN HERE ISN’T ITdeep thoughts ikki.PNG

Ikki asks me some obvious question about oh boo hoo would you confess your love to someone if they were dating someone else OF COURSE I WOULDN’T HUNNI but real though people that do that shit are super selfish. “Re: Thinking…” what a fucking loser, Ikki control yourself you are getting too lame right now

THE NEXT DAY…d d d d drama.PNG


Ikki also wants to hook up one of his bros with my bff Sawa, how nice of him! At our normal meeting spot…

orion coming in with the zingers.PNG

Wow Orion comin out with the zingers here

oh pls.PNG

Kinda weird but okay I’ll roll with it for now

suddenly a mech anime pls.PNG

Wait what is happening, please let this become a mech warrior otome please pleasegiant dildo maybe.PNG

I would even settle for a giant dildo or something what could it be!the only viable dialogue.PNG


i cannot.PNG

wait what


whaaaat a letdownthreesome pls.PNG

Maybe we can salvage this situation with a threesome…??princess damn right.PNG

Note that I am a princess THANK YOU IKKI my sweet princeget rekt.PNG

Ken’s name has now turned into Kent for some reason, the ole reverse nickname at play here. Get fucking rekt though Ken/T maybe if you were less of a turd your gf wouldn’t leave you

the sexy... accountant.PNG

Aaaaaaand he’s a math major and nobody is surprised even a little bit. Also Ikki is an accountant? RIP the fucking sexy profession dream WHY IKKI WHY. Maybe he figured that having magic sex power eyes was too OP already and had to lame himself down in every other wayof course they're friends.PNG

Wow Kent what a charmer ARE YOU SURE THAT YOUR GF DIDN’T JUST DUMP YOU FOR BEING AN ASSHOLE? The rest of the night goes on like this more or less, Ikki says that Kent likes me and him being argumentative is proof of that. Well Kent let me express how much I like you by a swift kick to your nuts, I swear it means that I really want to be your friend.lady doth protest too much.PNG

Since it’s super late Ikki invites me to spend the night and he toooootally won’t do anything heh heh heh. Given my previous vow to be as skanky as possible I actually tried to make it happen but of course Ikki is actually ever the gentleman and walks me home. So sad, maybe time we’ll finally smooch it up but for now I am still a sad le virgin



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