Otome Time – Amnesia : Memories, Ikki 2 : I have a job??

And we’re back! This otome is too good to hold off on, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. The story is kind of odd but in a way that isn’t too out of control (for better or worse).. Last we read, Ikki is my boyfriend that has some mystery CONDITION and orion is an annoying turd that now lives inside my soul and gives constant annoying commentary. He’s also kind of an ass, but hey, asking for the fairy living in my head to be a chill person would just be Too Much amirite?

So after our date at the movies, I convince Ikki to walk me to work because hey I have no idea what my job actually is! And apparently we work together, thank christ, at a MAID CAFE. Spoiler alert the correct way to greet patrons is HELLO MASTER. Fucking weird. Naturally there is coworker drama right from the start…

usually I hate my bf.PNG

I think the charmer on the left is the guy I am in love with in the heart universe, but he’s kind of a dick in this one. Even though Ikki and I are dating we never spend any time together, and since ikki and I walked in together, Ikki is happy and that makes heart man sad. Boooooooo happiness!

Since I have no memory I am just shit awful at my job, unsurprisingly, and when  a customer orders the HANDMAID MAID PARFAIT and oh no how the fuck am I supposed to do that??? What I am kind of baffled by is how this bitch can do stuff like walk around and get dressed so she obviously knows how to live life but DOESN’T KNOW WHAT A PARFAIT IS. Anyway, good excuse for ikki to get all touchy touchy~sexy parfait.PNG

Yeah baby teach me how to make those desserts just right unghhh TOP IT OFF WITH CHOCOLATEEEEE

Then I work some more and suck balls at it, they have a few annoying choice option shit tests to make sure you’re listening to customer dialogue and getting the orders right. I got them wrong on purpose so I would be forced to get a less shitty job but it didn’t work.

Ikki walks me home and then THIS happenstophat.PNG

ONLY SLIGHTLY RAPEY BUT HEY I GUESS I’M OKAY WITH THAT YOU ARE MY BOYFRIEND OR SOMETHING. Also let me just draw some attention to the fact that I have a, uh, top hat on? What? Why am I wearing that, did my amnesia make me forget that top hats are not cute and haven’t even been worn by men since 1800s england? Who knows.frig off ikki.PNG

Ikki doesn’t kiss me but giggles about how uncomfortable I get WHAT A FUNNY JOKE and then goes on to say that we’ll just be friends instead. What? If that is actually an option in the game I WILL BE VERY MUCH DISAPPOINTED THIS IS LITERALLY A DATING GAME NO I DO NOT WANT TO BE JUST FRIENDS. Let the record show that from this point out I’ll actually try to force the issue and be as skanky as possible, but I’ll probably not have anything happen for a while ANYWAY.

magic eyes bf.PNG

Chick friend of mine comes to visit and INSTANTLY FALLS IN LOVE WITH MY BOYFRIEND. Wat. Sawa pls, you’re my only friend in the world, don’t do this to me! Just kidding this is actually what the condition is that poor Ikki has. Imagine a superpower where women literally fall in love with you as soon as they look at you. How absurd. Apparently I am immune though and you know men, all about a challenge. Oh ho ho! Also she gives me the scoop that my irresistible boyfriend has a steady track record of hittin and quittin, so I should check myself before I wreck myself.double crosser.PNG

fucking game over what a dumb way to say that he’ll dump me. I GET IT SAWA, TOO BAD YOU WERE LITERALLY HITTING ON HIM YOURSELF LIKE 30 SECONDS AGO jesus.vacation.PNG

Recurring theme of me being very confused about new things that happen and them saying, oh do you feel okay are you sick? YES I AM SICK. I’M SICK OF SHITHEAD ORION TALKING NONSTOP INSIDE MY HEAD. Maybe my character actually just has schizophrenia. Anyway Ikki is gonna take me on vacation or somethingorion why do you know this.PNG

Why orion why do you know about an obscure human vacation spot WHY WOULD YOU EVER ACTUALLY KNOW THIS YOU DON’T EVEN LIVE IN OUR DIMENSIONu18081429.jpg

beautiful stolen pic of shinano just because I know you guys were curious, look at that scenery, and also look at the over the top watermark, jesus fotosearch I get it

somebody is feeling frisky.PNG

wuh oh group trip maybe but ikki don’t care HE WANTS TO SNEAK AROUND LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN. Real though we are both at least college age, why are we even sneaking, I literally live on my ownpromise i wont rape you.PNG

thanks Ikki because you promising to not rape me is comforting and not weird at all OH WAIT NO IT IS WEIRD WHY DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT but anyway I’ll totally hop on the Ikki train if they let me do it (and by train I mean his penis)both tadaima and okaeri how pathetic.PNG

Last pic for this installment because goddamnit I hate you orion, the little shit literally said tadaima AND THEN ANSWERED HIMSELF WITH OKAERI I can’t. Cannot handle the shit levels emanating from this weirdo.


UNTIL NEXT TIME, in which I meet my rival





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