Otome Time – Amnesia : Memories, Ikki 1 : Orion Sucks

Hello again dear readers. I’ve been very much a slacker, but hey – sometimes real life hits you like a brick to the face. Could go on more about that  but you probably don’t care so I won’t waste your time. Gonna be trying something new, more on that later, but for now… OTOME TIME. Shoutout to my girl Christine for making this happen, here’s the first of at least 3 for this series.. and OFF WE GO~

hello are you alive.PNG

So this is promising, “Are you alive?” as a starting point…

thought maybe I killed you.PNG

Ummmmmmm wat. You’re surprised? Who the heck is this weirdo antler kid that’s what I want to know. not shady at all.PNG

HOW VERY REASSURINGwhat a mess indeed.PNG

Wow well how about that! What a completely not ridiculous way to start off this game! Fairyboy Orion here was just flying through the spirit realm between worlds, minding his own business, when SUDDENLY he “happened” to “crash” into my “soul” on “accident”. Now he gets to blather on at me about everything being a judgmental ass while I try to recover my memories. SOUNDS LIKE FUN.what a cutie.PNG

Here’s me, look at how cute I am! Except for that hat, what is going on there…


COULD THIS BE FORESHADOWING I WONDER… Only real bummer is that the character selection page doesn’t actually show you which boy you’re choosing….  There’s a few pages where ass-rion blathers on about parallel worlds and to choose the one that “feels right” whatever the hell that means, so I picked “spade” because it’s the best shape and colored black like my soulshow me the boys damnit.PNG

I then wake up in my bedroom where asshat Orion is commenting on how late I’m sleeping in. Well gee bud it’s almost like I’m tired from having some kind of traumatic event in my life and my body is trying to recover, now what could that possibly b- OH YEAH YOU CRASHED YOURSELF INTO MY SOUL THAT’S RIGHT. Frig off orion.can i drop out yet.PNG

Searching around my room reveals that it’s August, I live in a depressingly small room by myself, have no family, and study Psychology. Can I pick the game path where my life doesn’t suck, instead? While contemplating the shitty life I’ve found myself in…hotline bling.PNG

At least I have a fully charged phone, amirite? Priorities, people. After 5 more pages where orion tries to warn me the dangers of people finding out that I have no memories and I’ll probably be attacked by this guy but still it’s important to get my memories back or else I’ll die and I GET IT ALREADY I finally answer the phonesorry senpai.PNG

Kind of a recurring theme already where you have to pick whether you should speak formally or casually to different people. So far I have been wrong every time. Whoops! Sweet Ikki wants to go on a date, and says he’ll pick me up in a half hour.

Half hour goes by and nothing.

Then another half hour…

Then ANOTHER HALF HOUR WTF IS HAPPENING. Meanwhile, Orion who was mad before that I agreed to go out with this guy at all is now mad that this guy is standing me up. Pls orion stop being so annoying or I will jump out the window

back off bitch.PNG

I muster up my courage and leave the apartment like a normal person only to find my date being flocked by women (which has been happening for over an hour now I guess?????). Orion is shocked to find out that this Playboy is the same guy that I’m supposed to be dating! He is also shocked that I’d want to try dating him because playboys are bad mmkay? Once again, frig off orion, don’t need your slut shaming here! PS how dumb is that spade in his hair and what even is that face tattoo ugh. Maybe they didn’t show what the guys looked like at first because they all have dumb accessory choices, who knows. Anyway, my mystery man Ikki has all these girls all up on him absolutely swooning, but he finally tells them off and we go see a movie.condition of being too sexy.PNG

He makes some comment about us always going to dark places and me getting the “wrong idea” (or the right idea if you know what I mean heh heh heh). What could this mysterious condition be, hmmmmm? Orion shits himself with curiosity, as usual. God I hate that fairy fuck.

ENOUGH FOR NOW More to come in installment 2 : I have a job??




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