The “Never Agains”, 4 lip products that I wouldn’t even re-gift

I have to start this off by saying that I am definitely a lip product junkie. Glosses in particular are a weak spot of mine since I usually have lips too chapped for easy lipstick application, so I am always on the hunt for a new collection staple. These are a few that I had very high hopes for but, for one reason or another, just could not love. Maybe my experience is the anomaly, but at least it’s something to keep an eye out for before you invest the ~$30 that each of these cost…

Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer in Heart Shaped, Truth or Dare

So, full disclosure: the product itself is WONDERFUL. Just the right amount of weight, not TOO bleed-y, nice gloss, etc… My real beef here is the packaging of this material. I’m not sure what it is about these tubes, but after a few times of use (i.e. opening to apply and re-screwing again) the gloss would gloop right out of its designated storage area and onto the screw top of the lid. Naturally, I would wipe it off when I had a napkin or tissue handy but eventually the buildup was too much and the product itself started leaking to the outside of the package (and into your purse, pants, jacket, whatever). This likely is less of an issue if you plan to only apply this in the comfort of your home, but keep in mind that you ALSO have to keep the stuff upright or, you guessed it, more leaking. The Truth or Dare shade was particularly bad for me as I currently have that warm-tone purple color dabbed on most anything else that it is kept stored with. I can’t bring myself to throw it away because, yes, the product is lovely and I feel too heart wrenched to toss unused product. At the very least, however, I can confidently say that until Mr Jacobs invests in a different packaging brand I will not be purchasing more of this line.

Givenchy Gloss Revelateur

Again with this product – credit where credit is due. The product itself isn’t all that bad. Worth $31? I wouldn’t say so – the texture is very light and tends to bleed with even slight overapplication, and even with its light weight the feeling is pretty sticky after an hour or two. The gloss and scent are both quite nice, but there just isn’t the kind of lasting power that you’d hope fior from a relatively expensive lip gloss. The color is clear in the bottle, but even just applying it on something like a napkin shows that it turns a bright pink after it is applied to just about anything, not just lips. That “just about anything” also covers the inside lining of one of my nice purses, which brings me to issue 2: more leaky packaging. Right away I found myself having to wipe excess product from around the rim of where the lid meets the bottle. I figured the problem would go away after I used some of the tube up but sadly that was not the case. Another product that had to have the container cleaned after use (or the gloss WILL lightly stain your skin pink if it gets on your hand) as well as kept upright as much as possible. I like the idea of the “magic” and “unique” colored glosses that supposedly react to the oils or acidity of your skin, but this one sadly is a miss for me.

Dior Addict Gloss in Spring Ball

In complete contrast of the first two, the packaging and brush on this product are both very nice, actually. The applicator especially is one of my favorites that I have used. After all of the overwhelmingly positive reviews that I have seen for the Dior Addict gloss line I am pretty sure that the issue may just be with their glittery glosses, so please do keep that in mind. And maybe I am dumb and somehow never tried it over a lipstick or pencil, so maybe that is something to try as well. My general sentiment is that this gloss is only worth the purchase if you are intending to do photoshoots with it or other short-time projects. There is no particularly noticeable scent, and the feeling is extremely tacky. When first applied this, quite honestly, is one of the best looking lip products that I have ever used. There is both gloss and dimensional glitter that make your lips look magazine-worthy even if pretty hastily applied. After even just an hour, though, there is a stark change in both the feel and the look. The previously tacky feeling gloss is now feathered and somewhat runny, leaving the glitter behind on the lips for a rather unpleasant and gritty feeling. The look, as well, has rather melted into a decrepit shadow of its former pristine beauty. Obviously I am being quite melodramatic here, but there is a huge contrast from “just applied” to “one hour later” which, again, is not something that you’d like from a product you’re dropping $29.50 on. That said, photoshoot? Hell yeah. Non-glitter Dior Addict gloss shade? Definite maybe. Or maybe I just have slippery lips, who knows.

BITE Agave Lip Mask

This isn’t a gloss, but it does touch on the fact that I do generally have chapped lips and would very much like to not have them! Bite is another brand that I’ve heard some good things about but never tried, so I jumped in with this mask. I applied and let it sit on for a few hours, I believe, maybe even overnight? Regardless, the next day I had a huge breakout right around my lips that was way worse than the mild chapping/cracking that I had the day previously. I put it in the back of my drawer for a few weeks and after the breakout had subsided I figured I’d give it another go. You know the saying: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… well shame on me because the very next morning it was breakout city population my mouth. Needless to say I am pretty paranoid now of even opening this product again, so I will probably go against my inclination to hang onto even disliked beauty products and just toss the darn thing. Maybe I have sensitive lips? Might be, since it seems like most of the reviews are pretty positive online. Either way, for me? Never. Again.

Let me know if you’ve had any different experiences with the above products or if you’ve had the same troubles I’ve had! Always love to find out that I’m not THAT crazy, and if it really IS just me then… whoops!


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