Hello again, my friends! 2014 re-buys to kick off 2015 :)

It might be a bit late for a 2015 “kickoff”, but hey – it’s been a long (LONG) time since I last posted and I think that March is close enough to the start of the year that I’m not completely off! Anyway, since it has been so so long, I figured I wouldn’t bother trying to remember my first impressions of everything that I’ve bought in the past months, but instead give a post about the products that I keep on going back for more of. I’ll try to keep it relatively short and sweet – maybe 1-2 things tops from each TYPE of product – so that this doesn’t become an absolute novel. If the scrolling gets out of control I might even split it into two parts, who knows! Anyway, without further ado…

Mascara: Giorgio Armani, Eyes to Kill Stretch Mascara

I did a first review on this product waaaay back when, and I have to say that I am still very much enamored with this product. After having used the Lancome mascaras for so so so long, I’ve realized that the dry eye effect and general flakiness that I would get at the end of any long night is pretty much unique to that brand or, at the very least, I don’t get that at all with this mascara. Actually this is one of the more comfortable mascaras that I’ve worn, and even after waking up having slept with it on (not that any of us actually do that, right? we always take our makeup off before bedtime…) my skin didn’t feel crusty as much as it normally might. I digress.

The real appeal to this product is THE BRUSH. It’s got that wonderfully unique rectangular shape where two sides of the brush have very short bristles and the other two are longer. I included some lovely pictures of the brushes in the last post (already linked) so do check them out. As I mentioned on there, this brush is GREAT if you have naturally thick lashes that are prone to clumping with a lot of the “plump ’em up” type super fat brushes. Still available at Nordstrom and Sephora for $32.

Liquid Foundation: Guerlain Lingerie De Peau in [12] Rose Clair

Let me first start off by acknowedging that this is some pricey stuff! It is also one of the only brands that I have found that 1. offers a color suitable for people of my near-ghostly coloring and ALSO has pink undertones and 2. has excellently buildable coverage that doesn’t look cakey. Its also SPF 20, so there’s that, too. This product has since started to yellow a bit on my skin since I’ve had it for some months now, but I think that is mostly because it’s reaching the end of its shelf life and I am using much less than I did the first time around. Or perhaps I am getting more pale and pink, which may very well be the case as we are coming out of a longish winter… As with most Guerlain products, this product has a very light and pleasant fragrance – something that you can not say about many foundations, liquid or otherwise.

I’ve been using a MAC stippling brush (not sure which number) to apply, and the end result is a gorgeous airbrushed finish. I like to really set the face with a finishing powder (hint: more Guerlain, sorry wallet!) that has also made it onto this re-buy list as one of my top all-time favorite products. Honestly my experience with everything Guerlain makes has been overwhelmingly positive, but I guess that is what makes all of their stuff 2x the price (and that’s not even comparing it to drugstore brands). All in all, I would recommend that you at least try to get a sample of whatever color is closest to yours and give it a whirl for a week or so. The price does give a bit of sticker shock even to the splurgiest of MUAs, but there is something just so NICE about this foundation that I keep on using it and coming back for more. Available at Sephora and Nordstrom for $63.

Highlighter: Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight

This is an absolutely beautiful highlighter that is just metallic enough to have a real glow to your end look without turning you into a robocop lookalike. There is an included brush that might be nice for very precise application, but After checking online it looks like they changed the packaging from when I last bought this! Not sure if a brush is included anymore. I like the diffused look that a much fluffier brush with a flat, rectangular shape affords you.

I’ve been using one of the fluffy rectangle brushes that Tarte includes in their little square powders, though any kind of fluffy fan or contouring brush would be fine I’m sure. Popped on top of a bright blush or even paired with a simple contour and brought to the front of the cheek, this adds a real touch of elegance without any kind of drama or overstatement. This powder, though beautiful, is not really well suited for natural looks (or if you don’t quite have your facial oils under control). My one point of caution is that this should really be a finishing touch on top of everything else, and should more than likely just grace the top of your cheekbones and maybe the apples of your cheeks. It is SO shiny that it really ends up putting a strange glossy shine to your nose/chin/forehead that really is not as flattering as you would hope, so please do not confuse this for the new type of highlighters that come along with the highlight/contour kits popular now (thanks to our friends from the Kardashian family). Available at Nordstrom, and I think Sephora has actually just launched this collection themselves as well!

And now this really has gotten QUITE long for now, so I will split the second half of my favorite 2014 re-buys into a new post 🙂 Please feel free to give any feedback or questions you have regarding these products or others that are competing/similar! More makeup means more options and absolutely more fun.


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