Off topic Otome: 10 days with my Devil, Chapter 1 (Haruhito Amano)

What I’ve learned from this is that the formatting on the iPhone WordPress app is garbage! Anyway, onto the story. When we last left our heroine, she had been informed, rather unceremoniously, that she was to die. Good times! Luckily, not all demons are completely heartless (citation needed) and they allowed her to live for another 10 days to, uh, perform a piano piece at her friends wedding. A rite of passage every Japanese woman must undergo to consider their life fulfilled – oh wait that seems completely arbitrary! Otomes you’re the best. The choice was between the moody asshole of the bunch and the absurdly happy foreigner, a hard pick until I learned that captain grumplestiltskin weighed like 110 lbs. Nope! Happy foreigner it is!


Aah, the bio! In which we discover that our new blond companion is an apparently skilled umbrella twirler. In which we also learn that he will likely incomprehebsibly fall asleep on me and I won’t be able to complain. PAR FOR THE COURSE I’m in it for all the Gucci shoes I feel entitled to after the prologue anyway.


Laid back place hmm I wonder if by that she means HER OWN APARTMENT THAT IS CURRENTLY IN FLAMES. YES WHAT LOVELY ATMOSPHERE THE LIGHTING REALLY SETS THE MOOD. On top of that they’re still in the parking lot anyway. Whatever, we will just accept that she is feeling optimistic since she is going to hang out with the only seemingly kind demon present.

Oh wait he’s a huge dick WHAT A SURPRISE

Such a charmer. Game, are you sure you didn’t make everyone a huge asshole in this game because seriously he just told me I should die. BUT NO DEMON MAN HOW THEN WILL I SERENADE MY FEMALE FRIEND AT HER WEDDING TO SHOW MY TRUE FEELINGS FOR you know what maybe that toasting isn’t such a bad idea if that is literally my most important upcoming life event.

Well at least the dog is nice :c. Then some junk about the dog liking me having a DEEPER MEANING OOHHH ROMANTIC his dog likes me it must be a sign OH WAIT DOGS LIKE LITERALLY EVERYBODY

I think I asked what fate meant, to which he told me it was my fate to die. Please Haru stop or you will charm me unconscious I am literally being swooned off my feet how DO you not have a lady already

In keeping with her weird obsession for playing piano at not even my own wedding, our heroine suddenly realizes that oh no her piano burned down! Yes and LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE ARE YOU SERIOUSLY CONCERNED ABOUT A SHITTY WEDDING CONCERT WHEN YOU ARE BEING SENTENCED TO DEATH LADY PLEASE

It should come as a surprise to exactly nobody when we find out that the eccentric foreigner demon is considered an oddball by his fellow demons as well. Probably because he has a dog if I had to guess.

Go outside to contemplate the meaning of her remaining 10 days of life (hint it starts with a p- and ends with -iano recital) and someone is singing the obviously well known and famous fate song….?


In Japan or wherever this is your nickname is in the format of last name-first name. So much wat. Thankfully it is never used again, I think that alone would be enough to ruin any actually romantic moment that evolves later on.

Yes I enjoy starry skies, murdering humans, and long walks on the beach.

Probably because they are all busy BURNING TO DEATH before they can use their NON CHARRED LUNGS to try and strike a deal with you charming folks. They probably just weren’t as clever though, right? Right.


This is in regards to his umbrella. More relaxed, as in he feels stressed otherwise? PLEASE Haru tell me how much of a struggle your daily errand of MURDERING PEOPLE and BEING A MAGICAL CREATURE is.

I what the actual fuck’d about this part. This demon is practically researching the X-Files at this point. Call me Skully why don’t you.

NEXT MORNING Haru has not only conjured up a piano but also used magic to learn how to play way better than my scrub ass. Just what I needed Haru thanks.

Soooooo generous can’t wait to die without the only regret I would have had of not PLAYING PIANO AT A FRIENDS WEDDING. Forget seeing the world or benefiting society, I’m gonna put on a fucking RECITAL. BITCHES YEAH.

Until next time, in which Haru continues to refer to me as charred bread…


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