Luxe brand pastel pink lip swatch

Hello beautiful, it’s been ages I know. Here’s some of my favorite lip products of late. Most of what I have are my favorite pale pink, but I added some color in here too! I’ve got a ton of lip products so I’ll do a full rainbow swatch post soon. This is more to compare finishes and textures than anything else! Here we go- my new favorite from YSL


Glossy Stain in Rose Pastelle, $35

The color on this was gorgeous and the texture seemed interesting. Wasn’t sure at first if it was really a good or a bad thing but after I stopped overapplying and letting it dry properly I really love it. You need to realize that this is not a gloss, but really a stain. If you’re looking for long wearing and hydrating  color, this is perfect. If you want high shine, look elsewhere.


The applicator has a funky dark pigment to it, but the angle is perfect for easy application

Not as nice a scent as the other YSL products I’ve used, but it’s certainly not unpleasant and is pretty light. Texture goes from a thick liquid to a moist stained layer over your lips. Difficult to describe in the way that Bite’s cashmere lip creme is.


Packaging from my top favorites. I still love the sleek look of the MAC gloss out of all of these

My favorite pink glosses, from top to bottom: YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Dewy Papaya, YSL Glossy Stain in Rose pastille, Dior Addict Gloss in Angelique, and Mac Cremesheen Gloss in Partial to Pink. Varying costs, but all around $30. The YSL sheer is the most easy to wear especially with the delicious scent (and taste!). It also is VERY sheer, read not much noticible color. The Dior looks the best out of all of them when first applied, but I found it to dry up and leave chunks of glitter after several hours of wear. Extremely disappointed in that, but I found myself coming back to it for how lovely it is at first. Great for photo shoots, I guess? The MAC has no shimmer and is a great topcoat for a matte lipstick if you want some shine to it. Also what I featured for my wetlook lips since the surface quality is so brilliant in the sunlight. Lastly, the glossy stain is perfect for a long wear without any of the smudging of a stick or dryness of a stain. Truly the best of both and with great color fidelity. On to swatches!


Colors in order of their packaging

Pretty self explainatory. The left 3 are all fairly pigmented, and other shades from the same line will give you the texture of these and probably a nice rich color. I still think the MAC shade looks nicest against my skin, truly a cool toned pink. You can tell how sheer the YSL on the right is also.
As promised, some bonus colorful shades!


Top is VDL Color Lip Cube (602) and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Violet Incognito

The bright coral is a bit Orange for me to wear by itself, but it smells like fresh roses (!!!) And has a beautiful matte finish. I love it in reverse ombre looks for the bitten lip or blooming lip style. The purple is the truest purple shade I have seen from the luxury brands and a truer purple than many of the more mainstream colorful brands carry. Not just a deep pink, this. Is. Purple. Has the same delicious scent as the YSL sheer candy as well, which is a delicious bonus. Applies glossy and may feather if you overapply, especially without a liner or concealer under the lip.
Please post any questions in the comments and let me know if there’s any product you want me to try out!!


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