Pale pink gloss comparison- Dior, YSL, Marc Jacobs

I think that pale pink glosses are a real staple. They’re perfect for light makeup days for giving just the right amount of color and shine. My favorite for a long time has been from MAC, but I wanted to try a few from some other brands as well, Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Yves Saint Laurent. Here’s how they stack up!20140208-143620.jpg

Dior Addict Gloss in Spring Ball, $30

The Dior gloss is a lovely pink with golden peachy glitter. the applicator is nice since the brush doesn’t pull at any lipstick that you might be putting the gloss over. When first applied, the gloss goes on cool and spreads well, and there is a substantial amount of both shine and glitter (top left picture). Over the course of even an hour or two though the glossy shine goes away leaving only an almost chunky shine from the glitter(bottom right picture). Similarly, there is no moisturizing feel since the only hydration comes from the liquid consistency. Add on top of this that the scent of this product is actually reminiscent of cheap lip plumping products (that sharp almost cinnamon smell) and you end up with a $30 tube of disappointment.

It’s not all bad- applied over lipstick the gloss lasts longer than with the gloss by itself. And if you’re looking for makeup for a photoshoot, this product would do wonderfully. All things considered however, there’s much better products at the same price. Moving on!


Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Heartshaped, $28

One of the best things about this product is actually the design of the packaging. The color scheme is sleek and the shape of the tube is both modern and soft. the color is a gorgeous peach tone that may well be universally flattering. The wand is a nice shape and picks up a lot of product. The bristles make it not the best to apply over a lipstick since the wand will pull against the lipcolor. I prefer wearing this color alone since, even though it’s quite sheer, the color is noticeable and very flattering. The smell is pleasant but not really a selling factor, and there’s a mild cooling feel which I think is nice. A few hours after application the texture starts getting somewhat sticky, and just applying over the top again makes the product buildup very thickly. I usually will have to wipe off all remaining product before reapplying to make sure that the texture doesn’t become absolutely gross. The biggest issue with this product is actually in the package’s function. As you can see in the bottom left picture, there is significant buildup- annoying to say the least since it goes everywhere. On top of that, the buildup will sometimes get to be bad enough that it will leak out of the closed tube and get all over your hands/purse/counter/etc. The same thing happens with my dark purple shade of another Marc Jacobs lip product so I’m fairly sure that this is a recurring issue. This gloss is well worth the buy for how lovely it looks, as long as you can be diligent in cleaning out the inside of the lid when it gets messy.20140208-143637.jpg

So I am cheating a little bit in including this product with my gloss review since it is more of a sheer lipstick than a true gloss. This is also the most natural looking of the three with the most sheer color. The shine is completely without glitter as well, adding to the softness of any look with this. I think the packaging is a little cheesy looking, but it does look very luxe if nothing else. The smell might have been what really sold me on this buy- it’s very sweet, and the product even tastes nice so you’re in for a pleasant surprise if you do lick your lips with this on. This is also the only product of the three that is genuinely hydrating and moisturizing for a long time. I find myself reapplying because it smells and feels so good to wear rather than because the color or shine has worn off. Of the three, this product is the nicest to wear, but the color is so sheer that I may opt for something with a little more color instead. My personal suggestion is to find a color of this line that suits you well and is  little more noticeable. I feel confident in saying that it will quickly become your favorite lipcolor to wear.


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