Circle lens review: Vassen Nova Grey

I own quite a few lenses now, and this has come to be one of my favorite pairs. Grey lenses are really pretty on all eye colors I think, and the light grey color gives these a very soft look. They’re average price as far as lenses go ($22), and I got them from pinky paradise. With a 14.5mm diameter they have an enlarging effect that is subtle enough for day to day wear.

I love the effect these have! And they are honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of circle lenses that I have. They won’t be good if you’re looking for something dramatic, but for a daily pair of lenses with some extra emphasis they are perfect.

Pardon the dirty counter- eww 😦
PRO: relatively inexpensive, disposable after 1 year, beautiful color and soft look
CON: not as breathable as regular soft lenses, not always available in high prescriptions, look might be too mild for those wanting a true dolly circle eye look
Overall a great pair for long term wear. A great intro to circle lenses and colored contacts!


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