Superbowl mani- Seahawks Spirit tips!!

As a recent Seattle resident myself, its exciting to get swept away in all the Superbowl hype of the town whose team still has yet to win a bowl! I figured that, especially since 95%+ of my officemates are diehard hawks fans, it was only fitting to show my own Seahawks spirit with a Superbowl mani! I didn’t feel much like going the whole insane detail route and painting the logo on my nails, so I just opted for a colorblock themed with the team colors.


I was very diligent at first with the striping tape- a new piece once it got dirty to keep the lines clean, waiting thoroughly between layers to prevent peeling, etc.. but as I went on I did get progressively lazier as can be seen by some of the wobbly upper lines. Oh well! Hopefully the hawks don’t lose so I will actually get to keep wearing this through next week

What do your Superbowl manis look like?




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