Eyes to Kill mascara by Giorgio Armani

More mascara reviews! As part of Nordstrom’s crazy 3-for-2 luxe mascara sale I bought one of these Armani mascaras along with the Trish McEvoy tube mascara. The sales woman described this one as making your lashes long and fluffy, good for daytime or night, with extra coats.

Sleek silver tube. Much fatter than the Trish packaging, mostly due to the fact that this wand actually has bristles. There was something rather unique about this wand though..!

The brush has two long sides and two short sides, like if a full brush was shaved down on half the bristles. What this means is: you can use the short bristles to get great separation from the base, and the longer sides to build up length and curl from the middle upward!

Before and after with this lovely mascara! There’s honestly not much clumping, and the short bristles are ingenious! Really makes getting both volume and length achievable without all the usual hassle.

Look at that! Not bad without falsies or even curling beforehand. I am definitely a fan of this mascara for daytime wear, though I do whip out my tube mascara for when I know I’ll be feeling lazy that night!
PRO: great volume AND separation, ease of use, well made packaging
CON: cleanup sucks (as with most mascara), higher cost than average, smells a bit bad, though only when wet


6 thoughts on “Eyes to Kill mascara by Giorgio Armani

    • Really not bad! I think one of my eyes is oilier than the other- I will end up with some residue under my left eye by end of day but nothing on my right!

      The wand shape makes it easy to apply cleanly to bottom lashes as well, which is a big plus for me 🙂

    • So sorry I never replied! i think my phone only notifies me of the first comment… The lipstick is YSL’s rogue volupte shine in violet incognito, a real cool tone purple 😍

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