Salon Sciences: Starting over after Artificials

As is obvious from my recent nail posts, I have recently-ish removed my Artificials from my nails! When I first popped them off, my nails looked absolutely HORRID.

I figured I’d get something to try and repair my nails, and this looked like it might do the trick!

Not too much, it was something like $7 at Sally. Putting it on, it immediately made the white flakes look less obvious. There’s a nice glossy finish, so you could definitely wear it on its own even without polish.

Here’s after a few more weeks of it!
My nails feel quite strong with it on. My pinky had a pretty bad hang nail and despite my attempts to save it with nail glue it insisted on continuing to break.

Definitely a great buy! My nails look great and feel better. The only con is that the polish will peel off sometimes. If this happens my nails will go back to the original frayed looking state, so try to not pick and only use polish remover! If your are feeling tired of acrylics, or afraid to try them for fear of nail damage – fear a little less, you can always start over.


5 thoughts on “Salon Sciences: Starting over after Artificials

  1. So glad it’s working for you! it’s tough to grow your nails after wearing fakies. I remember when I did it and my natural nails were paper thin. Nailtiques is a great product for strengthening nails as well.

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