Ion spiral curling wand

It’s been ages since I bought this and I just realized I haven’t reviewed yet! I am horribly lazy with reviewing though so I’m not too surprised. I love this wand too much to NOT review it though so here we go!


The wand itself!

Here’s what the wand looks like. I really like how the barrel curls too! Reminds me of a unicorn or something, it’s pretty fun. It also comes with a glove that does a pretty good job of insulating. 3 different heat settings depending on how your hair is. The middle one works perfectly for me! It also heats up very quickly, which is pretty convenient. Be warned though: doing my full head will take at least 20-30 minutes depending on how thorough  I am, and it makes my arm VERY tired 😦 Worth it to have a friend with you to get the hard spots on the back of your head, too!


Before and after

Pretty obvious which is which! You can see how tight each spiral is – this is how the hair looks right after curling. They hold their shape for a long time as well if you choose not to comb through them at all. They aren’t tight ringlets, and since the barrel is curled you won’t be able to vary the curl like you can on a regular barrel wand. However, I think the curls are much tighter and last a lot longer since they’re spiraled rather than just looped around a cylinder.


After a soft comb-through

Beautiful loose waves! I really like how easy it is to vary my look even with the same diameter spirals that it makes. The use is very simple, simply wrap your hair around the wand and hold for a few seconds. Getting it to release easily takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s not bad. You can also control which direction the spiral goes by putting the wand above or below the hair.


Full head done!

You can tell that the side on the left was not nearly as combed through as the side on the right. Both halves are curly, but there’s a distinct look between the two! Love it.


A more uniform look for work

And that’s really all there is to it! The wand works great. If your hair is a medium length like mine is, this wand might be a perfect fit for you. Price was under $50 at Sally, too, so it’s not too pricey! All in all, a very fun buy that I am more than pleased with. And these curls are from curling the night before (!!!) so even after being slept in there’s a great deal of shape here.


3 thoughts on “Ion spiral curling wand

    • Definitely! It’s a great purchase, and I got 3 full size ion products for buying it with a coupon! Not sure if that promo is still going or not but doesn’t hurt to look 🙂

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