Black Friday Beauty Haul!!

The day after Thanksgiving has become very much a holiday in its own right, and it’s celebrating what America is all about: rampant consumerism! All snide comments aside, I love having a day off of work dedicated to indulging in all the nice items that I wouldn’t usually get (though lately I have been particularly bad about controlling the impulse buys… Whoops!) ANYWAY here’s the beauty products that I got.
All from Sephora:


Products from Sephora! Minus the wallet which is by Halogen 🙂 I also snagged some goodies at Sally Beauty to take advantage of the free flat iron with $45 purchase!


Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Truth or Dare – $28

You can see the swatch on my skin – this gloss is PURPLE and I absolutely love it. After putting it on I got a compliment in the store (from an employee, which doesn’t really count that much) and then a few more while shopping throughout the day, so it’s definitely a product that will get noticed (and/or get YOU noticed). After my wonderful experience with the more sheer Heart Shaped, I was excited to see the purple I was looking for in the opaque line, they’re more like liquid lipsticks than glosses! Great stuff.


YSL Sheer Candy in Dewy Papaya – $32

SUPER sheer color, and much less sticky than most glosses. It seems like a weird chapstick/gloss hybrid, and I’m certainly banking on getting the great quality that comes with the YSL name (and price!). This is more of prep for spring when nude lips and bright skin will set the mood with the warming weather! There were a bunch of different shades in this line, all very sheer and lightweight and shiny.


YSL Rogue Volupte Shine in Violet Incognito – $34

The color of the stick itself is SO dark, way darker looking than the Marc Jacobs gloss even, but it comes out to a beautiful and bold purple. A little cooler than the mauvey shade of the Marc Jacobs lip vinyl, this shade will be great for that bright pop of color when you’re feeling a little wild. As with the sheer Papaya color, I’m looking forward to more of the great quality from YSL as I try more of their different products!


NARS blush in Luster – $29

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my NARS blush in Angelika, so I figured grabbing one more couldn’t hurt! I realized that the only cheek color I really have is in bright colors and I needed something that will bring warmth to my cheeks while keeping them relatively neutral – with all the purple lip colors I got I definitely don’t want my face to be fighting itself constantly and this color seems like a perfect companion! It’s a lovely nude/peach that will pair with my bronzer for great contour.


Sephora Formula X in Love Chemistry – $12.50

In the bottle this glitter looks like a beautiful rose gold blend, but when it’s on the gold is very much overwhelming. It’s a nice gold shade, however, and the flecks of rose shine through so it’s not too terribly disappointing. Great density on the glitter as well, nearly opaque coating from the glitter alone after 2 coats (I am not looking forward to taking this off, on a related note). In general I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the new Sephora Formula X line, so kudos to them! The price seems high for a Sephora brand product, but I know that’s just tied with my perception of them rather than to the actual quality of these lacquers.


Formula X ASAP nail lacquer appliques – candy cane and sweater print – $10

I think this was on special sale for Black Friday, so get online and grab one quick to keep the good price I got! These appliques are double sided, and I actually got two nails out of one sticker (my nails are pretty short, however). The two designs this came with were a classic candy cane stripey design (with subtle shimmer!) and the absolutely adorable Christmas sweater print. These feel too much like cheating for me, but they’re great for an accent nail!


100 point bonus gift! Julep Polymer top coat

I’ve just about had it with every top coat that isn’t Seche Vite, not because they’re BAD but because Seche is so much better and for a comparable or lower cost. I’ll give this one a try, though!

Stuff I got from Sally Beauty:


OPI Matte Top Coat – $7.99

Sally carries OPI now! Hooray! Picked up a new matte top coat since the only one I have now is Revlon, which actually isn’t too bad.


Cina nail art stickers in Lacy Love – $4.19

MORE STICKERS. They really do only last a few days, even with a generous helping of topcoat, but I suppose that’s good for making me vigilant about keeping up my nailart schedule.


Blowdrier and Flatiron – Drier $27.99, Flatiron $35.99 (FREE with my black friday purchase!)

Finally (finally!) bought a blowdrier, something I am ashamed to say I haven’t had for months now. Yikes! And since I spent over $45 total at the store, I got a flat iron for free! It seems alright, and it’s certainly better than the $20 one from Target that I’ve been using for far far far too long now (more shame).

That’s everything I got as far as beauty products are concerned! I might make another post for all the clothing that I purchased if I can figure out a good way to take pictures 🙂 What’s the most exciting thing you bought on Black Friday?


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