Mani Monday: something fishy about these stickers

Much to my delight, the local Sally seems to keep bringing in more variety in the nailart stickers each time I go in! Here’s one of my most recent purchases.


This brand has all kinds of stickers! There’s even one with just american flags, which I thin is pretty funny

How cute are those! The crab is really what sold it to be honest. This also gave me a chance to break in my latest Illamasqua color, Nomad!


I made the mistake again of not letting the mint China Glaze polish dry for like half an hour before adding stickers. Argh.



Even with the Illamasqua polish, though, there is some weird pulling by the stickers that I’m not sure how to avoid completely. Maybe there’s a weird reaction as the top coat is added?


Look I even have a right hand! Notice how much messier it is, unfortunately…

Stickers allow beautiful nail art for even the least artistic or coordinated people, and there’s instant results (as long as you wait for the base polish to dry totally). With this brand I seem to find that the stickers will start to come off on their own after a few days, so it might be worth it to reapply topcoat somewhat regularly if you want them to last.


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