Mascara comparison 1: Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara in Jet Black

Nordstrom recently had a crazy sale on luxury mascaras: buy 2 get one free! When I went I got three different brands and figured I’d do a comparison! The first one in the lineup is Trish McEvoy’s High Volume Mascara. This one is notable since it’s something that I haven’t seen around in some years – tube mascara!


The tube is extremely slender, and the matte black finish is quite nice ($31 in stores or online)


The bristles are almost nonexistent!

Since the purpose of the formula is to build up tubes around your lashes, the bristles don’t need to be too large since everything relies on your already existing lashes.


BEFORE: I already have naturally long lashes, but they’re hard to see without any dark color


One eye done!

Looks great! This works best if you really build up product at the base of your lashes and then pull it up to give an even coating all the way around. Be careful not to use TOO much product – when I first tried out this mascara it ended up collecting too many lashes together. Since they are tubed up, it’s hard to fix any mistakes like that once it’s set, so be careful!


It’s easy to see the difference that this mascara gives, and it’s well worth it!

One of the best parts is, since it’s a tube mascara you don’t need any makeup remover or soap to take it off! Simply use warm water and rub your lashes between your fingers. The tubes will pull right off!

PROS: easy cleanup, great length, thin wand gives great control

CONS: can easily be overpiled and clump everything up; $31 cost (in line with other luxury mascara brands)


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