Top coat comparisons

There are TONS of top coats out there, and it’s hard to know which one to pick when every brand carries their own. I’ve tried quite a few, so here’s a rundown of properties and quality comparisons. All of them are around the same cost, so I really won’t take that into consideration.


Essie No Chips Ahead

Unfortunately, for all of Essie’s fun colors, their top coat is garbage. Hours within applying 2 generous coats of this, my nails were not only chipped but also no longer glossy. Would not buy again would not recommend would not even consider. I have been using the rest of this bottle for a basecoat to keep my acrylics from staining.


OPI Top Coat

This stuff is okay. The brush is nice and fat, and it goes on pretty thickly which is nice. It maintains nice gloss for the first day or so but definitely loses it quickly. It’s alright quality though, and doesn’t thicken up too quickly. Formula does smear nailart some, so make sure you let everything dry thoroughly before applying.


Nails inc. Gel Effect “plumping” Top Coat

I loved this stuff when I first got it! It’s great for using over solid color nails – the plumping effect is really quite nice! Not really noticeable if you already have acrylics, however, but a good choice for solid colors painted on natural nails. This formula does thicken up very noticeably and rather quickly, which was pretty annoying. The brush could be thicker as well, and it does cause some smearing to nailart.


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

For a while I thought I didn’t like this top coat, and then I realized it was only because it had started to thicken due to age. Once opened, it’s good for just a few months; however, it’s easily the best top coat you can buy. It goes on and dries within minutes (literally!) and it stays glossy until you take it off. It’s also excellent for holding on nailart since you can put it on so thickly. If you are using it and you find that it’s hard to spread or use… time to buy another bottle. They’re only $5-8 depending on your source, though, so it’s definitely worth the price. Brush could be bigger, but that’s a relatively small complaint for how great this product is.


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