Off topic Otome: Shall we Date?: Destiny Ninja (Mizuki, PART 2)

Back for part 2! Made it through the rest of chapter 2-3 before I had enough of Mizuki’s bullshit, which I thought was pretty good all things considered. Picking up where we left off, our heroine is chillin with these ninja dudes and some princeling after Mizuki has proven himself time and again to be a nobility-hating asshole.


I haven’t mentioned it much, but the chick seriously has a ladyboner for the prince. There are constantly comments like this where it’s like oh wow I’d much rather be boning the prince but I guess I’m stuck with his moody subordinate, woe is me

They talk a lot about the three treasures again (snooze fest come on guys where’s the makeouts) and how the princeman’s cousin has apparently found them. Instead of just being like yay our family is the winner, he tries to make a grab for power himself. blah blah politics


The wise prince, with his color-coordinated hair and jammies, decides to invite you along on a guaranteed death trap mission to meet his now-psychotic cousin, all in the name of you recovering your memory.

I was given some option, but really I’m too distracted by the prince’s blue hair bow to even pay attention to what is happening.


Mizuki is reminded that you are his responsibility, and responds in typical mizuki fashion.WHAT. A. CHARMER.

Your party meets up with the prince-cousin-party and they attack you. How unpredictable. There’s like waves of enemies but your 4 soldiers are apparently unconcerned


turns out this guy is a total sociopath


mizuki does his magic pokemon attack (channeling his magic frog-companion or some shit?) and everyone goes down

Our lovely lady’s job during the fight is to keep the horses from getting scared, which she does an excellent job of apparently. Good for her, REALLY PULLIN THAT WEIGHT.



more mumbo jumbo about the magical three treasures, and then there’s a Tyrant army ambush and LONG STORY SHORT the prince’s cousin gets killed with ominous final words (more on this later).  Don’t worry though he “holds the body for a long time” so it’s all good

At this point there was a new level of bullshit introduced as a “checkpoint”. Bascially, more arbitrary shit you have to have in order to continue – as if the energy points weren’t enough


blah blah give us money


lucky for me I am still so new in this game that I am OVERWHELMED with free shit still so take that, gatekeeper


so basically his cousin tells him that the prince’s brother plans to kill him after he comes back into power. womp womp

There’s all this talk about how much the prince loves his family and oh no how could they betray me – NEWSFLASH buddy you are royalty in feudal Japan, you gotta get over that “I trust my siblings unconditionally” shit REAL quick


sudden plot twist: the prince is also running for Miss America, no wonder he’s let his hair grow out so long

Anyway the prince is somehow comforting YOU even though he literally had his cousin die in his arms like 30 minutes ago. he is handling things remarkably well all things considered how much he seems to love family, but you are too busy being sad about having no memory to notice.


you get into how sad you are about not remembering your family with your own prince charming, and…. well what did we expect, really


cue existential crisis due to memory loss

You run to your beloved horse Darkhoof (or whatever his name is) for comfort and burst into tears. Naturally.

Miraculously though, Mizuki starts to show a shred of humanity (probably is just concerned that Darkhoof’s mane will get wet with your tears though) and does something kind of sweet at this point. Kind of.


the phrase he actually says happens to be: “I don’t know what to do when you cry”. you’l get there eventually, buddy

Real breakthrough is being made! or so we think. You ask, “are you trying to comfort me?” (wtf who says that)


and there it is, the mizuki we all know and are sort of irritated by at this point.

Of course his humanity can’t be REAL, it’s just his job. God lady what were you thinking. After this delightfully awkward exchange, you spend some further weird minutes feeding and grooming the horse together. Poor Darkhoof is the real victim here I think.


6 thoughts on “Off topic Otome: Shall we Date?: Destiny Ninja (Mizuki, PART 2)

    • Thanks so much! I am sad to report that this game in particular turned out to be a pay-to-progress in disguise (I had to buy clothing for the frog or some shit) so I have rejected it on PRINCIPLE. I am, however, open to suggestions for other otome to look into if you’ve got any 😉

  1. To buy clothing for that goofy frog you use the “Zeni.” Those are the coins you get for free every day and when you “greet” friends. You do have to use real $$$ to buy “DNC” which you can use to then pay for lottery tickets, cake thingies and other “premium” stuff *insert eyeroll here*
    I don’t really play any other otome games since they are all money whoring. 😦 If you do ever continue the Mizuki blog, let me know because they had me laughing so hard last night, I woke up my husband! Lol.

    But I noticed that you are a beauty fanatic!! I am as well! I’m happy I found your blog! I’ve been reading some of the reviews on your beauty products. Your Naked 3 palette review was really helpful! I also agree with UD shadows snowing all over one’s cheeks! Ugh! So frustrating! Lol.

    • I must admit, you CAN buy clothing for the animal pals with zeni but the proportional effort didn’t even seem worth it!

      I will also shamefully admit that I’ve totally purchased one of the storylines from My Forged Wedding so I can give that one a go. It’s a little less ridiculous than the magic ninja adventure, but not too bad!

      And YES I love love love makeup and fashion – I want to get more into clothing reviews and such too but I don’t have a good enough camera to really make nice posts. WE SHALL SEE. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. My forged wedding? Haven’t heard of that one yet. I’ll go check it out, lol.

    I must admit, that I hit VIB Rouge status earlier this year when the program came out. I think I’m more embarrassed than proud…especially when my husband said, “Are you seriously telling me that you spent $1,000 at Sephora?!” Lol. Not sure how that happened…I was just ordering a little here and a little there and before I knew it, BAM! VIB Rouge.

    I did want to mention that I got “tube” mascara after reading your review! Sephora should give you a bonus or pay commission to you! Lol.

  3. The level of bullshit in this game is immeasurable. At enemy checkpoints I have increased my chances from 10-80% or 90% yet lose times in a row! Just now I used friends, all my shuriken, and an energy to perfect my chances and lost. I have exhausted my inventory. I guess that’s what I wanted.

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