Off-topic Otome: Shall we Date?: Destiny Ninja (Mizuki, PART 1)

Dating sims are pretty fun, if only to read a story where the protagonist is completely stupid and everyone falls in love with them anyway. Like interactive twilight. I’ve played a few of them  and I’ve decided to throw up some reviews. This is one that I’m just playing through for the first time, so the review will come in installments. You can experience it as I do! How exciting. Anyway, the Shall we Date series is one of those “free” ones where you don’t HAVE to pay money to play it, but the pacing will be horribly slow if you choose not to. It’s free if you’re patient, so we’ll see how I do.

So pretty typically, you’re a girl with little to no backstory. In this case you have none starting out because you have amnesia. HOW CONVENIENT. There’s also some war going on and you and your beloved horse are found by a rebel ninja-army member. I picked the dude that looked the most like a ninja, despite his dumb “unique” eyes and weird floating ear piece.


My hero!


oh wait actually he’s just a big asshole

You can choose to either stay silent or try to talk to him, and I figure hey this guy is a big dick I should tell him to get wrecked. Too bad my throat is apparently broken.


I am obviously dying of dehydration and he decides to shit on me more. Really a standup guy.

Amidst all of the incessant, rude comments about my “wealthy” appearance, this guy somehow manages to kill like 4 or 5 dudes that attack, first with his weird chain weapon and then with some sort of water magic.


“lover dovey” or “sweeeeet”?! How am I supposed to choose between those!

At this point I learn just how terrible an interface can be after going to the “TOP” menu. Seriously this thing is bad. Like godawful bad. Be prepared. With much trial and error, I finally made it back to the storyline. Somehow.


You get to meet this guy’s “companion” which is apparently a shiny pink frog named Ralph. This man is more questionable than I thought.

You get the option to either head towards or away from the capital and I figured the wilderness would be fun. This made my little heart meter hop one step towards “lover dovey”, so do that if that’s what you’re going for. After more fighting he brings you back to his team’s little outpost.


Some other dudes you meet when he finally brings you back to camp (after murdering lots of guys. Seriously)


This guy’s name is hattori hanzo I can’t even

You also end up meeting a prince or junior emperor or some other official shit with a bastardized pope hat (that also has a bow on it wtf japan)


He also says something about how Mizuki HAS to keep me with him, and that I’ll teach him something. Good to know that I am now basically a teaching tool – too bad I will be teaching LOVE instead of responsibility


seriously this guy is really just a big asshole

So after this point you go back to the base camp and learn about how this 5-man team is searching for the magical 3 treasures or some shit. There’s also a few main factions fighting, basically the Tyrants and the Rebels. You’re assumed to be part of the old money that the Tyrants overthrew originally that the Rebels are somehow related to. Whatever. Also Mizuki has some weird beef against nobility, probably because of some awkward childhood trauma that you’ll learn about and eventually overcome together. Exciting times ahead!


Back at camp Mizuki is now wearing pajamas and a necklace and is shittalking me for not feeding my horse

There’s some option here to either just leave quietly or talk to him, and I figured I’d try to strike up some friendly conversation.


you catch him talking to your horse and instead of just talking to you he storms out all mad. What a charmer

He gets pretty mad at you for eavesdropping, and then accuses you of being a lazy horse owner. WHAT IS THE STABLE EVEN FOR IF THERE ISN’T HORSE FOOD READILY AVAILABLE RIDDLE ME THAT CAPTAIN PAJAMAS. jesus.


Ran out of energy and ate all the free energy restoring cakes at this point, so I called it a day. Turns out Mizuki sent me a love letter! Sort of


The “no more energy” screen. I really appreciate the passive aggressive peer pressuring going on here

Anyway, you also “level up” along the way? Which also restores one energy.


hey let’s be friends! We’ll both get cool shit apparently


2 thoughts on “Off-topic Otome: Shall we Date?: Destiny Ninja (Mizuki, PART 1)

  1. I play this game for month or so and I like it but your rewiev is the best thing in this universe. I cannot decide- is Mizuki’s story so bad, or was I too distracted by you-know-bishonen-kyaaa! factor to notice miseries of script?

    I hope I’m not lost and will still enjoy playing Ninja Destiny…but even if, reading your rewiev was worth it.

    • so glad you like it 🙂 stopped playing when I would have has to pay to continue. Grandma gave me an itunes gift card though so I’ll review som actual paid ones soon!

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