Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Lip Tar All Stars set

I was looking forward to trying out this set that I got in my latest Sephora order – the lip tars are super pigmented and are liquid by default, making them super easy to do bold lip looks with. I liked that this set provided a wide range of colors, from what looked like a good, everyday sort of color to a deep black suitable for dramatic ombre lips. Even if you look at all of the sample images with example lip looks from the OCC team there are tons of really cool possibilities, and I was really looking forward to trying some out!


The four colors, top to bottom: Memento, Anime, NSFW, and Black Dahlia. There is only one lip brush included

The included brush isn’t really a bonus so much as a necessity. Since these are liquid and highly pigmented, a little goes a LONG way. If you tried to apply with your fingers I suspect you’d end up with more product on you hands than on your face. It’s a little annoying that with this kit there is only one brush since the brushes are nearly impossible to get clean. The lip tar doesn’t really come off well even with soap and makeup remover in the mix – the best solution I’ve found is just smooshing the bristles between a piece of folded toilet paper to rub off all of the excess.


Swatches of all the colors – for all that Black Dahlia looks black black black, it’s really a deep plum color until you apply it quite thickly

Here’s all of the colors against my skin. I had high hopes for the neutral color, but something about it just looks Not Quite Right against my skin. These lip tars greatest strength is their high opacity – you get a wallop of color! It’s also their weakness though, since the color is 1. very one dimensional, and 2. won’t be balanced by your lip tone as a gloss or a somewhat sheer lipstick might. While I’m on the complaint soapbox, the 100% vegan background of these is also a mixed blessing. Cruelty free is great, but the lip tars tend to separate out after a while (sometimes not after a very long while). Given the packaging, it is very difficult to re-mix the product when this happens. This can lead to some drops on your brush having almost no pigment at all, and some having the regular amount of more. The end result: your lips will be very uneven on color until you fiddle with applying more and more product on the lesser parts. The lasting power isn’t quite what you’d hope given the type of application  (liquid on a brush) and for being a liquid, these really dry my  lips out.


SUPER saturated color – a big plus if you are looking for bold lips

I love the brushes that these come with as well, but because of how liquid the product is it’s VERY difficult to color your lips in perfectly. Definitely something to take your time on – since it’s so pigmented, once it touches your skin it’s quite hard to take off again! Overall, though, the lip tars are something to look into. They’re great fun for the bright pinks and other vibrant colors that are harder to find in lipsticks, and the ease of ombre and other lip designs are perfect for the holiday season! Luckily, the products (either the set or the full tubes) are cheap enough that you can just pick one up to try it out.

PRO: Great value, very saturated and bold colors, easy to mix for ombre lip effects

CON: product will separate in the tube, requires thick application for darker colors, sub-average staying power


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