Fake hair fun! Learning wig basics

I love the way stylized colorful hair looks but it’s not something I want to have all the time. Lately I’ve been looking more and more into non-realistic beauty products (circle lenses, fake lashes, etc..) and it’s so much fun to be able to completely change the way I look. One of my latest buys is a beautiful gradient wig from lockshop! It was a hard choice to pick which color I wanted- there’s so many!- but I finally settled on a pink/mint one.

It’s got lovely loose curls and was styled right out of the bag. You can see how dense the fibers are if you look at the inside.

There’s adjustable straps that keep the wig on, even on my petite head! With my order from lockshop, they even threw in a wig cap to keep my hair in! It really flattens my hair to my scalp, a beautiful look!

When I put it on for the first time I had to trim the bangs. They keep them really long originally so you can choose to style them however you want. I cut mine into a jagged straight across fringe, a style that my natural hair can’t do!


Once you get it on and comfortable style away! I love the curls in a low ponytail and the colors are so pretty! I’ll definitely be picking up more of these before too long- the only hard part will be picking out which color is next!



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