NARS blush in Angelika

As mentioned in my last haul post, I picked this blush from Sephora not too long ago and as soon as I used it I felt pretty sure that this will be the blush brand for me for a while.

Picture 58

gorgeous matte finish on this packaging, $29.00 in stores or online

Picture 59

The pink is nice and bright! You can’t see the sparkle in the picture but there’s a subtle silver glitter throughout. I love that it comes with a mirror, though I am surprised that there’s no included brush since they DID include a mirror. Oh well. The swatch is on the outside of my fist on the left side.

Picture 60

lovely pre-blushed face

Picture 61

Since it is a cool-toned pink, make sure to keep it high up on the outside of the cheekbones rather than on the apples of the cheeks. A light brush of this is all you’ll need, it is SO pigmented

Picture 62

look at that color! Absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so. Adds a nice glow to my face, and really plays on the color of my eyes which is a nice touch! (no idea why my eyelids look so red, pardon that)

Check out the shades online or in store if you can, there’s a huge variety and the quality is quite nice.


PRO: great texture, highly pigmented, large selection of shades

CON: $30 for a relatively small size, no brush so it’s not really a take-with blush


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