Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eye shadow in Metallic Lavender

Gosh darn the product name is a mouthful! Anyway, I saw the tester of this stuff, poked at the product and knew I had to get one – it was a matter of WHICH one. I chose the lavender color, which is really more of a silver (somewhat disappointing). They have a pink gold that I might go back and get one of, as well as the shade Kitten which, as I understand, is one of Stila’s more popular shadow colors!

Picture 54

good god this is blurry, but you get the idea. It’s a tub that says “stila” and a little dropper with the mixing medium. $32 in stores or online

Picture 55

dipping straight into the weird gel-glitter tub, this is the color I get on my palm and finger. It’s hard to portray exactly HOW SHINY this stuff is, but for real. It’s like metal.

There is also a little metal mixing dish included. The procedure for working with this stuff is – add a drop of the mixing medium into your dish and then scoop some of the metallic foil gel (with the back of your brush if need be) and mush it all together until you get a better consistency. I tried to just use the raw product with my brush, but the bristles didn’t pick it up well at all! My finger will  grab is well enough, but the issue is that my skin just doesn’t want to let the glitter go. When I tried it on at the store I had glitter on the back of my left palm for days, I swear.

Picture 56

I like to put it on the outside underneath my eye (the shine helps balance out the darkness of the shade) and above the crease. If I had a lighter shade I’d love it on the ball of my eyelid as well I’m pretty sure

Picture 57

This stuff is fun, though much more technically hard to work with than a powder or creme shadow. The end effect is a lot of fun too! I wish there was a better way to get raw product on the brush since the medium really dilutes the effect. I’ll work with it more, I’m sure there’s a sweet spot in there somewhere.

PRO: genuinely metallic without getting that “I’m in highschool” look (you know what I mean), the mixing medium adds more flexibility – you can decide to “water down” the shine if you’d like, lots of colors! you can go wild

CON: pretty expensive for a shadow, and since it’s so metallic there’s not as much versatility, SUPER glittery, so even as a shadow it’s not something one could (or should) wear too regularly



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