From Blonde to Blonder – a chronicle

As some of you  more observant readers may have noticed, in my recent instagram/twitter pictures, my hair is somewhat lighter than it used to be! My highlights were growing out, and I felt that not only was it time to color the roots but lift the rest of my hair even more! Anyway, it turned out to be this whole 4-hour (I shit you not) ordeal, but I think the results are well worth it.


my last selfie! Official before picture heading out to the salon

So I got there and had the consultation with my colorist, Petra. I talked about how I love platinum hair, but I wasn’t willing (at this point, anyway) to cut off the length I’d have to for platinum hair to not look damaged and terrible. So we’re compromising with a heavy foil and some other official hair coloring terms that I can’t even remember. Anyway, after doing a small quarter section to see how badly my hair would react (apparently some people have like clumps and clumps fall out, yikes) I got the full foil going on. This was me.


Lookin so swag, I know. The smell was pretty overwhelming, too

She took some of the stuff and ran it through the hair that was un-foiled. That’s apparently the balayage technique that’s allllll the rage right now! In case anyone was wondering.


Awkward purple tentacles hanging off of my foil bits

Then to really get that “victoria’s secret model” hair, as Petra put it, she used this special EXTRA potent mixture called “breaking the base” – this apparently lightens your roots. It felt cool on the skin at first, and gradually turned into an itch and then into a somewhat unpleasant tingle. All part of the process though if you want to do crazy shit to your hair!


really a good look for me, I know

After a quick rinse, condition, blowdry, and straighten… I was done! I couldn’t believe at first how light it was! Absolutely crazy and different, but I was happy with it 🙂


right after walking out! I’m still excited about this color change, and now craving more than ever to go even lighter… when will it stop?!


With some curls at home! I feel like my eyebrows look almost black even though they’re just a light brown

A long and expensive process, but well worth it for me in the end! And I do believe I’ve found my colorist of choice! Petra was so great, and fun to talk to as well 🙂 Anyone else making hair changes for winter? Take the leap! No regrets.


3 thoughts on “From Blonde to Blonder – a chronicle

  1. I’m going more blode as well in October. I’m a dark golden blonde, but I’m dying it a cool light blonde. My colorist says that I need to go cool instead of golden. I’m already golden and going golden blonde could end up looking brassy! Oh no! So a cool dye should counteract it. I cannot wait. Your making me excited to go blondier as everyone else is going darker.

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