Vassen Super Lacy Green Circle Lenses

Heyo everyone!


Already made a post about some of the more natural looking circle lenses, and this one will be a little different! These lenses have a 14.5mm diameter (typically lenses are 14.0mm) which makes a lot more of a difference than you would think!



Bam look at that! Yowza! Every time I wear these I get compliments and I bet you will too!



They’re a little more prone to drying out your eyes than the smaller diameter lenses since they cover more surface, so make sure to take some eye drops with you if you’ll be wearing them all day!



If you really want your eyes to pop then get something like these! And the price is reasonable – these were $22.50 online, and I could specify my prescription. They’re a little wild for wearing at work, but I love to break them out for parties or even just shopping on the weekend. Check out the wide range of colors, effects, and diameters that circle lenses come in! They’re way too fun to miss out on.


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