MAC Cosmetics: BB Beauty Balm in Fair

BB cream! All the rage these days. I was having really good luck with my Almay SmartShade CC, but I found that it would make me a little too oily for my liking as the day progressed so I set out to find something better. I tried a sample of the MAC BB in Fair.

Picture 26

This one is in a tube! Look at that SPF 35. They also have a cream version for those with drier skin

Picture 27

I went all in and figured I’d get a brush, too! This is the 130, whatever that means, and it’s a short and soft foundation brush. It’s worked well so far! Helps spread product more effectively than fingers can.

Picture 28

pretty close match to my tone. I couldn’t even believe that they actually had a lighter color! Bonkers. They have a good selection of darker colors, as well, though I don’t believe the BB includes varieties for undertones.

Picture 29

Here it is on half of my face, and there’s no way I should even have to tell you which half it is. The feeling is much MUCH lighter than typical MAC liquid skin products, which is a relief. The coverage is just enough to give you that polished look without feeling like you have a fine coating of wax on your face.

Picture 31

ta dah! Whole face done. I really like this stuff so far! Hopefully it’ll hold up through the dry winter months, though. We’ll see!
PRO: not too thick, good coverage, large variety of shades
CON: the BB is $30 and the brush $42 – more than some are willing to pay, I’d imagine

Long story short, this is good stuff! Better, even, than one of the best drugstore products (surprise surprise). There’s a cost, sure, but along with it comes quality. If you’re on the fence, go ask for a sample! Perhaps you’ll enjoy it as I have.


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