Egyptian inspired eyes

MAC released their new product line, Indulge, and it has all kinds of cool makeup looks to go along with it. I checked out the booth the day of the launch, and this look is inspired by what I saw a few of the ladies there wearing. Fun stuff!

Start with an obnoxious and bright lid color. Seriously, the brighter the better. I went with middle school cheerleader blue (Peace and Ransom from Urban Decay)

Picture 35

Get your gel/liquid liners ready! I love my Bobbi Brown combo with the gel pot and liner brush. If you prefer the liquid liners with the felt tips I’m sure that will be fine too. Pencils are a tad too messy for this, however

Picture 36

Start with a classic line, not too thick. You want to be able to see the color above it when your eyes are open

Picture 37

Follow that with a cut crease – you can play around with the exact shape of this depending on your eye shape. Find what is most flattering for you!

Picture 38

Somewhat messy since I was using my webcam instead of a mirror, but there is is. You want the color to be surrounded by the liner, and have the liner come to a winged finish on the outside

Picture 39

Get this as matchey matchey as you can on both sides. Mine is not terribly symmetric, unfortunately. I used a mirror for the eye on the right so that one looks much nicer. Oh well. You can even bring a line down on the inside corner of your eyes if you’d like (makes your nose look thinner!)

Picture 40

Now the scary part – just below where you would normally have liner, put a thin line following the curve of your eye

Picture 41

Ooh isn’t that cool. I like to have a slightly lighter (but still dark) color in the normal spot for lower liner just to help keep the area from looking TOO contrastey (if you have darker skin you can probably disregard that)

Picture 42

Mascara time! This is another new goodie from the MAC counter. I love love love the brush for this; it may even be a contender against my Lancome mascara for best drama, we’ll have to see

Picture 44

Some light contour and lip-color-reduction and BAM you’re done! Go easy on the face and lip color for this one so you don’t look TOO painted

Picture 46

I wish it was a little more symmetrical, but all in all I really like the look and feel of this. The blue is brighter in person (I swear) and again, make sure you’re picking out a BRIGHT color for this! Or else you’ll just look like a wannabe egypt panda. You’ve been warned.



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