Laszlo Blue: Firmarine eye therapy

Since I have a horrible propensity to impulse buy, while I was on HauteLook the other day I saw this eye firming stuff and, since I was lacking some sleep and had bad undereye bags, I simply HAD to have it. Naturally. When it came in, I wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time.

Picture 24It’s a cool package for sure, and seems like it’s ready be marketed in a variety of countries based on the assortment of languages on the box. The instructions say to “dab gently on under eye area”. The product comes out in a little gel blob from the container.

Picture 25It’s mostly clear, with a slight blue tint to it. It’s very smooth and dabs on easily. It’s so easy to spread that I am always tempted to just smear it on, but that probably isn’t the best for my undereye skin so I try to make sure I am actually dabbing. Anyway.

You can’t really tell much of a difference when it’s on other than the gel is highly reflective so you look like you might have just been crying. It has a nice cooling sensation, though. I’ve been doing my best to apply it regularly, so I’ll see if there’s any noticeable changes in a few weeks or so. Fun stuff!

Not something I’d say anyone HAS to have, seems more like something one would buy if they were just really into skincare products and loved having a dedicated product for each region of the face. Who knows, though – maybe in a month or so I will look fresh and rested even after a few hours of sleep! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.




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