Geo Tri Color Green circle lenses

I have some terrible eyesight, and I definitely prefer contacts to glasses. For a long time I only wore circle lenses on special occasions, but I figured I’d try out a more “normal looking” pair for every day and  see how I liked it!

default eyes

My eyes normally – sort of a dark, olive green. Nothing too exciting, really


one contact

One eye has the contact in – it’s pretty obvious which one! I love how much more vibrant the color is, and they’re natural looking enough that you won’t look weird or anything like that!


Both eyes in! I love this color! And these contacts are extremely comfortable as well AND not too pricey – around $20 for the pair.

And don’t worry if you are one of the lucky few with naturally good vision – you can get non-correcting contacts just for the decoration if you want to get down with the colorful eye party. My favorite website to find these is, but I know there’s others. Get a pair and try them out! They have all different colors, and effects from normal, like I have here, to absolutely wild. Go nuts! For only ~$20 each it’s definitely worth checking out.


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