The Body Shop: Mango Body Butter

It’s getting close to the chilly seasons, and along with all that cold comes dry air and dry skin. Most of you have probably not grown up in a climate with 98% humidity like I have, but even so – whose knuckles don’t get that parched, stretched feeling after being exposed to winter winds? A good lotion will definitely be your best friend for the fall and winter months, and I’ve found that a lot of the common, scent-focused lotions simply don’t cut it as far as actually moisturizing the skin is concerned. Here’s where the body butter comes in.


$20 in stores or online; they also have smaller sizes and lotion/butter combos (just stick with the butter unless you never ever get dry skin)

It doesn’t have as perfumed of a scent as many of the lotions from, say, bath and body works or Victoria’s do, but along with the bland, natural undertones comes lasting moisture (and, in my case, relief) for dry hands and elbows and knees and anything else. $20 seems pricey for a lotion, but believe me – this stuff lasts forever. I’ve had my tub for at least 4 years and the only difference is that some of the water has evaporated out; it’s harder to spread, but just as effective since it’s essentially just been concentrated.


It looks really flat, but the fresh product is much thicker – mine has just lost a lot of water (and volume) over the (literally) 4+ years I’ve had it

Make sure you NEVER ever ever use this stuff on your face, though. While it’s a nice, clean scent, not overpowering, and really does get the moisturizing done, it’s full of oils. That’s good news for your body, but for more sensitive areas like the face and neck it can just mean oily skin and acne and general unpleasantness all around. I also wish that the store had more scents available – don’t get me wrong, mango and strawberry are great! But a lot of the scents are a little TOO clean or TOO sweet. Really, I think I just miss cucumber melon, though… ANYWAY, this stuff is seriously amazing. I’ve had my body butter for years and would have died during my four winters in upstate New York without it. If nothing else, get the plain Shea Butter scent and overlay with one of those fruity lotions – you’ll get the scent you want and more moisture than your skin can even handle.


Nice, creamy texture! Seriously, try this stuff out – you won’t ever go back.
PRO: lasts forever, light scent, effective moisture
CON: small selection, lasts FOREVER (you can’t justify getting a different scent), not for face or neck


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