Beauty Tip Tuesday: Lips that last

Hey everyone! Red lips are always in, and to give yourself a lip that will last all night make sure you use a lipliner with your lipstick!

Picture 1

Keep the rest of your makeup neutral so your lips won’t have to compete

Picture 2

Use a concealer around the edges of your mouth! This will help the color stand out

Picture 3

Use a lip conditioner to ensure even application – it helps the lipstick spread also!

Picture 4

Apply lip liner not just to the edges of your lips but across everywhere you want the color to go. It’s okay to cheat a little and enhance the shape of your lips for a fuller effect.

Picture 5

Apply a layer of lipstick, followed by a layer of liner – layering the liner and stick will give dimensional color and give your lips lasting power!

Picture 7

Clean up around the edges and make sure you’ve finished off with a layer of lipstick!

Picture 8

My room is a mess but my lips look sharp and clean! Hooray!


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