MAC Cosmetics: Powder Blush in Dame

While I was at MAC looking for brow powder, I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind grabbing a bright blush while I was there. This color isn’t exactly bright, but it is definitely beautiful and I had to have it after trying it on.


Whoops, got my phone reflection in there! The blush is $21 in stores or online.


A pink with cool undertones, perfect for the very pale

The color looks like a bluish pink, and it has a slight purple duochrome to it. It balances the red tones from my face and really brightens my whole look. Make sure to keep it back on the cheekbone and away from application directly on the apples of the cheek. Best applied with a fluffy round brush to ensure proper blending.

blush - dame

Gorgeous color, adds pink without making me look flushed at all.
PRO: reduces flushed appearance, high quality product, perfect for other pale whiteys
CON: less versatility due to the duochrome, cool tones not good for all skin types



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