Beauty Tip Tuesday: Define those brows!

This is more of a short tutorial than a tip, but that’s okay! Following up on my post about brow powder over pencils, I figured I’d go over how to actually use the powder to fill in and shape the brows. Some kits have stencils, but a lot of people have good natural shape and are only lacking definition – this is for you!


Starting point is my plain, no-makeup face. You can see the shape is there, but my brows disappear towards the ends.

2 - products

The primary tools – my angled bristle brush and powder in Omega

3 - along the base

Step 1 is to start at the base of the brow and add definition to the fullest part. Stop at the arch. Make sure to tap off excess powder from the brush to avoid fallout onto your eye or cheek.

4 - define the arch

After getting more powder, define the top of the arch and down through the outer half of the brow

5 - across the top and front

After a third dip into the powder, work your way back along the top of the brow and with what’s left on the brush add slight color to the very front of the brow – make sure it doesn’t get too dark! Also fill in any patches

6 - blend it out

Blend the powder out with one of these things to soften the harsh edges and give a more natural finish. Make sure to brush the hairs upward!

7 - one brow done

Here’s the difference – brow on the right is filled and brow on the left is untouched. You can see the definition it adds to my face, lifting and drawing attention to my cheekbone and eye. Magical!

8 - both brows done

Both brows done! A lot of structure added to my face for not too much work – definitely worth the effort.



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