ManiMonday: What’s new? Honeydew! aka Return of the Fruit

Getting a feel for what my workplace is like, and at this point I’m preeeeetty sure nobody would care if I had fruit nails. They didn’t really get the rhinestones, but had no objections. After this they’ll probably think I’m a total nutjob, but such is the price of exciting nail art. Things this mani has also taught me – my silver striping polish is just about done, and I really need to get some new topcoat ASAP… again. Oh well.


might have done the white in just a half-moon, but I wasn’t feeling up to it. The teal is from the Revlon neon series and is a pain to build up, even over white.


This one fruit was randomly split in half, and I didn’t realize until it was already setting.


So cute! I like these colors together, and I’m pleasantly surprised with how the fruit looks with them. Something fun and fresh to say goodbye to summer

Pretty soon autumn will be here, so be sure to get your last exciting summer manis in before it’s too late!


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