MAC Cosmetics: Eye Shadow in Omega

My eyebrows have been out of date for a while. Everyone is running around with stencils and setting gel and I’ve been gingerly poking with a pencil that’s a good 3 shades darker than I should really have been using, so it was definitely time for an update. Made it to the local Nordstrom and snagged a matte powder, the supposedly perfect shades for blondes, natural or otherwise.


Like every other eyeshadow by MAC, $15 in stores or online. This one has a matte finish.


A much better color for me than the dark brown I was using

The powder has a nice texture, less buttery-smooth than some brands but it’s the high quality you’d expect from a MAC product. Since I’m using it for my brows, I’m not really going to miss the slippery texture anyway. Application should be done with a short, angled bristle brush.



Loving the color, and the brush application makes it really easy to shape my brows however I want

Extremely glad that my eyebrows have finally made it into 2013 along with the rest of me! And since I can now be less afraid of having the painted-on brow look I’ll try out different shapes every now and then. Seriously people, if you haven’t put any more thought into your brows than slapping on some pencil and tweezing the extra hairs, look into it! Eyebrows are one of the less noticed features, but they can definitely make, or break, your whole look.


Pardon the shiny face! Gotta investigate new skin bases next.
PRO: softer look than with pencil, more control over brow shape
CON: somewhat pricey, additional brush purchase


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