Urban Decay: Afterglow Glide-on Cheek Tint in Crush

I’m not the biggest fan of Urban Decay after my disappointment with the rather pricey Naked 2 palate. However, I snagged this blush from HauteLook for only $6 figuring if I didn’t like it I could just toss it out, no problems.

Luckily for me, this stuff turned out to be pretty cool! The compact is typical of UD, brightly colored with that “urban punk” look.


Seems juvenile to me, but at least the product is real quality

I was so excited to write a review about this, and then during my trip up to Seattle… staying in the car trunk during the hot summer days did not sit well with this glide-on product. Whoops.


I was absolutely distraught after opening this for the first time while unpacking 😦

Luckily, the product works just as perfectly as it did when it was beautiful and new. It speaks to the quality that the pigment didn’t separate out from the medium when it melted – good job UD!


Glides on very well and is VERY pigmented

Don’t be fooled by how soft the swatch looks – when on the face it is EXTREMELY easy to go from warm glow to clown-faced with an extra touch of product. Place on very sparingly, and gradually build up until both sides are even and have appropriate color. Seriously, be careful.


More of my haggard self, pre blusher


Hooray, a beautiful rosy glow to my tired skin

Using this product is ideal in climates that are of moderate humidity. Since it’s essentially a creme product, it needs to match the moisture of your skin to look natural – in humid climates it can end up making you look oily; in dry climates it may dry your skin out further if you don’t moisturize enough. It does keep the nice dewey skin look that’s so popular now, something that powder blushers often fail to achieve. This color is super bright and perfect for these last days of summer, as well. Definitely a great buy for $6, and there’s other shades available for the same price now on the UD website if you act quickly ;).

PRO: vibrant color, highly pigmented, high quality, keeps the dewey skin look, on sale online!

CON: very easy to put on too much, hard to correct misapplication, will not blend with powder products (bronzer, matte powder, etc…)


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