Almay Smart Shade CC

CC creams are the latest thing since BB creams, designed to not only instantly cover imperfections but also improve skin consistency over time. I tried out Almay’s new Smart Shade complexion correcting CC cream and was actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of such an inexpensive product.


Smart Shade CC Cream, comes in 3 shades for ~$12

The product is thicker than a typical bb cream, which is reasonable since this is more akin to a foundation than a moisturizer. Even with its thicker consistency, the product still spreads very well.


Product applied to the left side of my face only – you can see that the redness is diminished!

The coverage is pretty sheer; if you’re looking for something with good coverage you would be better off using this underneath a foundation than on its own. That said, it has SPF 30, higher than most foundations and bb creams, something that will be handy for the bright summer days to come.


This was enough for my entire face


Blends well into my skin tone. The texture is smooth and there isn’t much of a scent

The product is advertised to match your skin tone, but honestly I think the coverage is sheer enough that a difference in color won’t matter too much. The color is just enough to even out mild blemishes and balance skin tone.

In not sure if its a product of the thickness of the cream or something else, but this CC cream can start to pill up over more oily areas like the creases of my nose and mouth and around my eyebrows. It worked better when I had moisturizer underneath, but it still took a good amount of fiddling with to look good on the trouble spots.


PROS: inexpensive, high SPF, spreads well
CONS: beads up over unmoisturized skin, only 3 shades available

While it isn’t a perfect product, it’s a great buy for the price. If you’re looking to try out the BB/CC creams this is a great buy both for the quality and the price. Overall, I am a fan if the AlmayCC cream, and I can’t wait to write an update in a month or two about the long-term effects!



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