MAC Ruby Woo

Everyone that wears makeup should have a great, classic red lipstick in their arsenal and the search for it can be somewhat tedious at times. I got this lipstick, MAC cosmetics’ Ruby Woo, after finally seeing how amazing it looked in person.


$15 online or in store

It’s one of MAC’s matte retro lipsticks, a collection that I’ll probably be getting more of before too long.


you can see where it’s starting to pill up near the top. Not sure how to stop that from happening yet

The texture of this lipstick is rather stiff, and it applies like a crayon onto paper rather than a smooth, creamy texture so common today. This makes it a bit more tedious to get full color in application, but allows good control around the edges of the lip.


Swatch in yellow, artificial light.

The color is a vibrant cool red and looks amazing on pale and medium skin tones. Combined with the matte finish, this lipstick is perfect for retro and casual bold lips. Because of its firm texture, the staying power is absolutely incredible- it doesn’t want to smudge off on food or cups and generally tends to stay put.


Picture in blue-white natural light


PROS: super longwear, great color, lovely matte finish
CONS: tougher to apply than creme, product can pill up

All in all, this lipstick is great. Rich color, matte finish, lasting power, all stuffed into one little tube. The question should not be if you get this, but rather how soon can you get to a MAC counter to try it out for yourself.


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