MAC Studio Fix Lash

I have the wonderful problem of naturally long and thick eyelashes which can, with mascara, turn into clump city after even just one coat. This can make it tough when buying mascara for me because I have to avoid many of the volumizing mascaras and find ones that define and lengthen instead. I loved my Lancôme Hypnôse mascara for dramatic looks but it was running low so I figured I’d try out something new for me- Studio Fix Lash by MAC Cosmetics.


$16 online or in store


Like a little comb for your lashes

Look at that brush! Absolutely amazing. Here’s some before pictures of my lashes.


Boo sad lashes

Pretty plush, etc etc. but god DAMN did this mascara work some magic.


Glides on smooth, no funky smell, feels nice and light


Because the brush is so small it doesn’t smear mascara on the eyelids either. Does take a while to dry, however


One eye with, one eye without. Noticeable difference, but not overwhelming

That’s after just a few sweeps. I didn’t even have to do any of the wiggly brush maneuvers to get my lashes to separate- this brush is really that good. The separation and definition and even the length is fantastic! However, the drama wasn’t quite what I wanted for a night out or party look so I might end up getting more Lancôme anyway- That being said, this mascara will definitely replace what I’ve been using for my casual, everyday looks. This mascara is great! For other sufferers of the long, thick lashes, definitely get some of this.


PROS: no clumps, great definition, reasonable price
CONS: doesn’t volumize, no drama, long dry time may cause smudging


3 thoughts on “MAC Studio Fix Lash

    • Definitely! I’ve been using a Josie Maran mascara for every day but the Studio Fix just gives me so much more length that I think a swap is in order 🙂

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