Wild wearable lips

In so excited it’s Friday, and I thought I’d brighten up my look today with a pop of lip color. I have an absolutely amazing bright orange MAC lipstick in Morange that I thought I’d base my look around.

It’s absolutely vibrant and fun and before I lose you guys there- don’t worry! This absolutely will turn out wearable! The key is to use your vibrant, non-daytime-appropriate color only in the center of your lips and blend outward.

How I’ve blended the swatch on my palm is how you should blend on your lips- the most vibrant color should be in the middle. Then, you go over the whole lip with a lightly pigmented gloss; the color of the gloss can tone down the vibrant lipstick more or less depending on what you’re feeling. I used one of my favorites, a purple gloss from Tokidoki called Adios.

It adds a nice cool tone to the lips without actually looking purple, and I think the combination of this gloss and the Morange color are rather striking!

The left half has the gloss over it, and not only does it have the gloss’ smooth and shiny surface, the vibrant lipstick warms up the center.

I love this pair both separately and together. This lip look is both fun and atypical while maintaining its daytime wearability. Orange lipstick seems scary (and a little trashy, if I’m honest), but if you give it a try I can guarantee it’ll get you compliments.


3 thoughts on “Wild wearable lips

    • Check it out at a MAC counter! They’re really good about product demos. Even though its vibrant orange it’s pretty forgiving, especially blended out with a gloss.

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