Baby haul! Lip tar and lacquer

What turned into a quick trip to Sephora to exchange one lip tar color for another turned rapidly into a nail lacquer shopping trip. Didn’t get much, but I definitely got quality!

Lip tar in Nylon! I’ll review this soon. Learn from my mistakes though and be wary of lip colors online! If you want the convenience of doorstep delivery, make sure you order from somewhere like Sephora with a great and forgiving return policy.

Since I’ve been so disappointed in my new Essie top coat…

Nail plumping?! How cool does that sound! Really, though, I just very much enjoy the full look that gel lacquer has and from the small swatch I did it seems like this will give it to me! Again, review to come!

And finally, since it was sold out online, Illamasqua’s lacquer in Freckle.

Pardon my swatch covered manicure. Looks like I’ll be repainting my nails tonight, but I’m honestly not complaining about that. Can’t wait to use this gorgeous shade!

Feel free to leave any suggestions for what I should check out next time I’m at Sephora! Always on the lookout for a great buy, and I can’t wait to try all of these products!


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