Revlon NEON polish duo, Amped Up

I liked the idea of the nail art duos that Revlon has come out with and I’d say I’m a fan of the Moon Candy series, if only for the versatility of the glitter flakes. At the same time I purchased my Moon Candy duos I also picked up one of the Neon line in Amped Up. In the bottle it’s a gorgeous teal color, one that I thought would be perfect for spring, and it’s paired with a white undercoat – a smart idea that will allow the polish color remain true to what’s in the bottle, ideal for vibrant colors.



Putting on the white basecoat is a bit tricky – obviously you want it to be a nice, even layer so that the white can evenly light up all of the color layers over it (expect a side by side comparison with a variety of colors and brands). The polish is surprisingly thick compared to Revlon colors, which was nice. I could get *almost* full coverage in just one coat! Unfortunately, since it’s just a base layer I didn’t want to dedicate two layers to it and have my paint layers stack too high so I just did the best I could. Overall I had some streaks left in but I was able to get great coverage. Good job, Revlon – make ALL of your polishes this quality.


Spreadable and opaque. Almost TOO thick

Unfortunately, the teal color coat was an utter disappointment. The polish is incredibly sheer. It is STUPIDLY sheer. The first coat left it so blotchy I was wondering if the color was ever going to look like it does in the bottle.


Oh god

Two coats wasn’t even much better! The polish spreads nicely and dries quickly, but this is probably a side effect of how thin it is rather than by design.


Still unwearably blotchy after 2 coats

At this point I was concerned that the color would never get fully opaque and I started painting on very thick layers. With this final, thick third coat the color finally matched the bottle color. However, due to the sheerness there are still some remaining blotchy areas that would require a fourth coat or more if I was absolutely determined to cover them. This is not the polish for the perfectionist.


Visible striping on these even after 3 coats


3+ coats finally gave me the coverage that I wanted

While the color is quite beautiful and there are many other gorgeous colors in the line, the only thing worth buying from this duo is the white basecoat. The color is so sheer that it would be useless without the basecoat, and the three coats it requires on top of that to actually look presentable means that you will be missing a noticable amount of polish after just one manicure.


About 1/3 of it gone after doing 2 full manicures

Overall, I wouldn’t say this set is worth the price. If you’re in love with one of the colors and MUST have it then you’ll likely be able to get an exact match on your nail; after the hassle of getting the full opaque color I am absolutely in love with this teal and how good it looks. If you’re like me, though, and want high quality for a $10+ polish then look elsewhere. The sheer color and small amount of polish included will make this a one-off buy for me.


PROS: gorgeous color, lasts well, two polishes in one, dat white
CONS: requires too many coats for opacity, small amount for the price, baby brush size



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